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Photo of Carla and StudentsFlautist of distinction - Mrs. Nancy Horowitz’ School 24 students were treated to an afternoon of artistry by the absolutely awesome flutist Carla Auld. "Miss Carla" presented a master class for flute students, coaching them on how to improve breathing and articulation, and even add colors to enhance performance. Then she played her flute for all the School 24 Concert Band students. Her program includes mixed music from Renaissance times all the way up to the 29th Century, with fascinating anecdotes about how the flute fits into the history of music. See the thank you notes the students made and paintings Ms. Auld inspired at a local garden program as well>>

Here are more precious cards and letters to Ms. Auld after in-school prerformances and classes.




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Flutist, Carla Auld is a soloist and chamber musician who promotes the performance and recording of new classical and cross-over music by various composers throughout the world. Her performance has been described as "entirely captivating and impressive". Jerry Dubins, editor of FanFare Magazine called it " ... Beguiling ... perfect technical command ... music made for listening ease and pleasure.” She has performed regularly as a soloist with the Pompton Festival Orchestra and several other ensembles throughout the New York Metro Area. Learn More about Carla>>

Within this website you will find a concert calendar, biographical information, recordings and video of Carla Auld performing with various chamber ensembles and orchestras. Also included are photographs of Ms. Auld performing on stage and those of her family and friends.


"In the flutist's own words, this CD is a collection of music that serves a 'need for the citizens of the United States to remember the magic and spirit of the innovation and individualism' that America represents.  Really, these pieces--selections from Beasers's wonderful 'Mountain Songs' with guitar, Gary Schocker's 'Green Places,' Mark O'Connor's 'The Fallen,' and Auld's newly commissioned 'Voyage to a New Land,' by Steven Giammarino--hearken back to a pre-industrial America filled with natural places, folk tunes from the old countries, and pride in our early settlers' roots.  These tunes tend to evoke a simplicity and sweetness of purpose, though there are some representing a more thoughtful introspective voyage to the new world.  In general, the CD makes for pleasant, traditionally tonal listening. Auld's playing is equally pleasant, with an optimistic, light sound.  It is no feat that she has managed to surround herself with such excellent supporting musicians, to the point of even putting together her own (very skilled) orchestra (including Ana Maria Rosado, guitar, and the Beauty in America Orchestra). This collection represents a clever theme in our literature and can be enjoyed for its consistently happy endings."
--The Flutist Quarterly

"The star of this show, of course, is flutist Carla Auld. Her playing is beguiling. Smooth, balanced tone throughout the registers of her instrument, marvelous breath control, and pitch-perfect technical command distinguish all of her performances on this disc. The music, too, is of a style and vocabulary guaranteed to appeal to those who appreciate, as I do, contemporary music made for listening ease and pleasure. Strongly recommended."

-Jerry Dubins,
(segment from Beauty in America review)

"...the performers are consistently splendid. Carla Auld is a very fine flutist...a lyrical and sensitive player"

-Lynn Renè Bayley, Fanfare Magazine
[Regarding the Beauty in America CD]

“Just downloaded your recording of Theme and Variations on Red River Valley. BRAVO!!!! …your tone and phrasing (are) very moving to hear. All best and thanks for such splendid results!!”

-David Amram

Theme and Variations on Red River Valley



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